The Cassie Chronicles Drama/Action/Science Fiction/Fantasy
A young girl, born of prophecy, teams up with a group of humans and inhumans to stop the rise of the underworld.

Prologue: (Pilot Episode)

Chapter 1: Verses 1-8

Verse I: “Battle Scars”

Reeling from their initial confrontation with Sylis, Cassie and friends re-group to discuss forming alliances with other inhumans, to overpower Sylis. The battle did not go well and a soul was lost. Mourning from the loss, Sylis calls upon the Dark Lord to unleash the wrath of the underworld and exact revenge on Cassie and her team. Trinity, bruised and beaten, resumes her quest to track down and assassinate Mara. Nautilus and Yara meet with The Council of the Seven Seas to request an army powerful enough to wage a battle against the rise of Sylis. Cassie struggles with her lack of control over her new powers and seeks advice from her mother, Lilith.

Verse II: “Daddy’s Girl”

Enraged at Sylis and his second failed attempt to kill Cassie and end the prophecy the Dark Lord instructs Rebeka to enlist the services of the demonic biker gang, The Fallen Angels. The hunt for Mara continues but soon Trinity realizes she is also being watched, and followed, by Senya. Cassie, at the request of Lilith, starts training with Athen, to control her powers. Nautilus and Yara return to Los Angeles, with bad news from the council. Yara informs the band that she is leaving to concentrate her efforts on a much bigger cause. Mara is visited by a mysterious man, an Incubus named Adrian, with an agenda of his own. Unsure of his intentions, Mara calls upon a deadly ally named Viper, to watch over her. Rebeka and The Fallen Angels plot a strategy to obtain The Sword of Divinity and remove Sylis from his position of power.

Verse III: “A Time to Celebrate”

Graduating as Valedictorian, Cassie gives her speech to the graduating class. Everyone is there, Athen, Nautilus, Yara, and Trinity. Unbeknownst to them, the leader of The Fallen Angels, Samyaza, aka Sam, is also in attendance. Athen senses Sam and confronts him. Amidst the confrontation the rest of The Fallen Angels ride into the ceremony and create chaos. The crowd panics and scatters as Cassie and the others spring into battle mode. Sylis, unaware of the incident, is on the other side of the city being sworn in as new Mayor of Los Angeles and delivering his Acceptance speech. Mara is tempted by Adrian to obtain the Sword of Divinity and finish what Sylis failed.

Verse IV: “Broken Bonds”

Cassie becomes jealous when Yara meets a boy and starts spending time with him instead of her. Lilith does her best to console Cassie and explain the situation in a motherly way. Rebeka meets with Sylis and attempts to influence him to work together or be removed from power. Sylis, pompous and proud, declines Rebeka with a flurry of threats. Mara, blinded by lust, succumbs to the seduction of Adrian and agrees to his bidding. Trinity asks Nautilus for his help tracking down Mara, and a possible confrontation with Senya. Athen does some investigation into The Fallen Angels and is captured.

Verse V: “The Sword of Divinity

Sam sends a messenger to Cassie, instructing her to deliver The Sword of Divinity to him if she is ever to see Athen alive again. Lilith explains the importance of the sword and its whereabouts to Cassie. Cassie calls upon her friends to devise a plan to steal the sword from Sylis. Yara struggles with keeping her secret, and the secrecy of her team, from her new boyfriend. Nautilus and Trinity capture Senya and interrogate her for information on obtaining the sword. Mara, in an attempt to apprehend the sword, iscaught by Sylis and banished to “Pandoria”, the outer limits of purgatory. Rebeka instructs the Servants of Darkness to help Cassie and the others successfully acquire The Sword of Divinity.

Verse VI: “Hallowed be Thy Name”

Mara, desperate to escape her exile, confronts Pandora, the goddess of purgatory, with questions regarding passage out of her foreboding prison. The infamous “Pandora’s Box” holds the key to Mara’sescape, but it comes with a heavy price. Against the strict orders of Lucifer, Sylis opens the Gates of Hellto build an arsenal against Cassie’s team and the forces of Rebeka. As tensions build and the threat of war grows imminent, Lilith comes forward to guide the troops into battle. Cassie confronts Yara’s boyfriendand tells him to leave Yara before he gets himself killed. Yara and Cassie’s friendship is jeopardized by Cassie’s actions.

Verse VII: “I am Woman, Hear me Roar”

Athen is rescued by Lilith and told of the plot against Sylis, and the plan to capture the sword. Cassie and Yara part ways and Yara returns home, to the sea. Nautilus has to decide whether to follow Yara or stay and support his team in the battle of good over evil. Senya escapes and warns Sylis of the plan to steal the sword. Mara returns to face Sylis and seek redemption for her exile. Mara gains access to the sword and takes power over Sylis, condemning him to the same fate she endured. Trinity discovers the truth abouther sister’s death and is forced to make a life altering decision.

Verse VIII: “A Fall from Grace”

Season finale – Top Secret! To be revealed at a later date.

Writer: Jeff M Zook

Director: Nick Van Der Vegt

Executive Producer: John Peterson

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