Nick van der Vegt

Nick van der Vegt was born Dutch in Amersfoort, the Netherlands and was raised in Southern California where he later found his passion for filmmaking.

His love for action sports and entrepreneurship is the catalyst that drives his professional and personal life. Through his 11 year career within the film industry he has contributed to roughly all aspects of a production with the roles of being the Director and DP as his strong suit. Despite Nick’s knowledge of using advanced camera technology for most productions, he is known for his hands-on approach and innovative filming techniques to bring his clients ideas to life.

His hard work ethic and attention for detail continues to set the bar for the next generation of filmmakers. His hands-on approach to filming keeps him grounded and excited for new challenges ahead. It is not uncommon to see him preparing gear, or adjusting lights himself. His knowledge as a Director & DP has helped him create meaningful content for commercials, documentaries, the fashion industry, and brands such as Redbull, Honda, Togo’s, Dainese, Cabi, Dillards and more. Each new project requires a different creative approach to ensure diversity within the massive video world that the internet has sculpted.

Nick strongly supports and believes that storytelling through filmmaking is the key to sparking action. He credits much of his success as a filmmaker through the humanitarian values that were engraved into him as he graduated with the honor of Eagle Scout. He strives to inform others that life is indeed simple and challenges should be embraced rather than ignored. Nick is a humanist who believes in putting people first. His ability to capture raw emotion and deliver stories that will be passed down for years to come makes him a man you will not forget.

Demo Reel: Watch on YouTube

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