Legion of Light

CASSIE(Age: 17yo) Born of the dark and the light, Cassie is known as a Blood Mortal to the evils of the Underworld and a Demi God to the keepers of the Heavens. Through her bloodline she inherited divine power that would supersede any other since the beginning of time. At theage of seventeen Cassie’s powers have matured and she is called upon to defend mankind against the dark forces of Sylis and his minions, and recapture the Sword of Divinity. The same sword that was used to murder her mother, Lilith, the Queen of the Underworld.

LILITH(Age: Mid 40’s) Cassie’s mother and Queen of the underworld. When she had aforbidden affair with a mortal man she became pregnant with Cassie. This infuriated Lucifer and he sent forth Sylis, his right hand, to murder Lilith and the child. Prior to her death, Lilith had Cassie removed from her womb and hidden on Earth where she would be safe from the wrath of Lucifer. Spiritually she speaks with Cassie when she is called upon.

ALBERT/ATHEN(Age: 50’s) An immortal, and loyal servant to Lilith. Hours before Lilith’s demise, Athen was instructed to remove Cassie from the womb and hide and protect her onearth. With Lilith’s death at the sword hand of Sylis, Athen has become the sole guardian and protector of Cassie. Athen possesses the power to see into the future and helps guide Cassie through oncoming dangers. He is quirky and lovable, but obviously out of his element.

TRINITY(Age: 25yo) A 25 year old, self-proclaimed, bad-ass! She drinks, she smokes and she has a mouth like a sailor. Trinity is human, with a major chip on her shoulder. Her twin sister was murder by what she refers to as a skin job, a shape shifter by the proper terminology. Dressed in tight black vinyl and armed to the hilt, she vows to destroy all that is evil. When she meets Cassie, through an altercation with Athen, they develop a love/hate relationship and fight side by side for the greater cause.

YARA/SUMMER(Age: 17yo-19yo) Yara is a sea dweller, a Sub Mariner, and the daughter of Nautilus. She is forbidden by her father to walk among the humans and must never reveal her identity. She loves the feel of the big city and all it has to offer and often rebels against herfather’s wishes. She is Demi God and has a human mother. When she meets Cassie they instantly form a bond and become best friends. They are inseparable. Summer, as she is known to humans, has the power of enhanced senses. She can see in the dark and far distances. She can also hear sounds from miles away which play an important role in helping fight the forces of Sylis.

NAUTILUS(Age: Mid 40’s) The son of Neptune and heir to the seven seas. He is rugged and tough. He has the appearance of a modern day biker but wields the power of his mighty Glave. His life beneath the sea is peaceful. The only thing he worries about is the well-being of his daughter Yara. Nautilus had relationships with a human woman and Yara was born. Yara uses it against him when he constantly preaches about the atrocities of humans. Against his better judgement, Nautilus eventually finds himself mixing it up in the fight against evil.

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