The Cassie Chronicles Drama/Action/Science Fiction/Fantasy
A young girl, born of prophecy, teams up with a group of humans and inhumans to stop the rise of the underworld.

Pilot Episode

Cassie was born of the dark and the light, at a time when the world would face its darkest hours. A child of prophecy, put forth to protect and defend all mortals from the rise of the underworld. On her seventeenth birthday, it is said, Cassie would come to possess the powers of divinity and become more powerful than heaven and hell combined. Cassie and her guardian, Athen, live a fairly peaceful life just outside of Los Angeles, in a little beach community called Venice. Days before her seventeenth birthday Cassie meets a young girl named Summer, and a friendship blossoms.

During a concert, in a small venue, Cassie and Summer have a run in with Trinity, a beautiful vigilante sworn to avenge her sister’s death at the hands of an unearthly being. Sylis Hark is a prominent politician campaigning for Mayor of Los Angeles. He is also the lethal right hand of Lucifer, sent forth to hunt down the chosen one and destroy the prophecy. With the help of the beautiful and sadistic Mara, Sylis sets a plan in motion to capture Cassie and seduce her to join his forces or perish. On the evening of Cassie’s birthday she is visited by her mother Lilith and is told of powers she would inherit and the dangers that they also possess. When Summer leaves Cassie’s birthday party she is captured by Mara and Senya, Mara’s snarky assassin sidekick. Summers disappearance leads her father Nautilus, an inhuman, to confront Cassie and Athen to Summer’s whereabouts. Standing in the shadows is Rebeka Dante, a top reporter for a popular LA news station and High Priestess of the cult, Servants of Darkness. Rebeka has a secret that could jeopardize Sylis’s plans and unleash a war between heaven and hell that would end the human race. Cassie and her new friends prepare to rescue Summer from the clutches of Sylis and Mara. When they enter a warehouse where Summer is being held a fight breaks out between the group and a vicious pack of inhumans. Cassie and her team prevail and rescue Summer. Cassie, energized by her new powers, convinces the group to confront Sylis and end his wrath.

Cassie, Athen, Summer, Nautilus and Trinity approach Sylis’s estate. Sylis, Mara, and Senya emerge fromthe darkness to square off with their foes. As powers ignite from each individual, and tension mounts, Sylis reveals a secret weapon, Ash, an eight year old girl with extraordinary powers. Flames begin to rise from Ash as she builds a wall of fire and prepares to strike. Cassie’s senses trigger and she transformsinto her true self, the savior she was born to be. As the battle counts down the scene fades.

Writer: Jeff M Zook

Director: Nick Van Der Vegt

Executive Producer: John Peterson

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