Union of the Snake

SYLIS HARK(Age: 50’s) The immortal right hand of the Devil, sent forth to unleash Hell on Earth. As a powerful politician and popular candidate for Mayor of the city of Los Angeles, or what he refers to as the city of Lost Angels, Sylis hides behind the corrupt walls of government as he strategically preys upon the living. Sylis controls the Sword of Divinity, the very sword used to murder Lilith, Cassie’s mother. Unaware of Cassie’s birth at that time, he now faces the only power that can cripple his plans for world domination.

ASHLEY/ASH(Age: 8yo) Orphaned at the age of eight years old, Ashley was adopted by Sylis and has become his most powerful asset. With the ability to control fire on the scale of a nuclear disaster, Ash has the power to end life with the flick of her wrist. However, Sylis is apprehensive to use her at the risk of losing her at the hand of Cassie and her warriors.

MARA(Age: Mid 40’s) The right hand of Sylis, and Dark Goddess of Influence. Her beauty is intoxicating and hypnotic. With a single touch of her hand, or the uncontrollable gaze upon her hypnotic eyes, Mara’s prey succumbs to her every command. Although she is among the most powerful, her powers are futile in the presence of a Necromancer.

SENYA(Age: 30’s) Goddess of War, and Sergeant at Arms to Mara. Beautiful and statuesque, Senya is a deadly force to be reckoned with. Senya is sarcastic and witty, but when called into battle she eagerly joins the fight to defend evil.

REBEKA DANTE(Age: 20’s-30’s) As a popular reporter by day, for the largest news station in Los Angeles, Rebeka Dante has a way of getting the inside scoop on all the top stories. But…at night, this sultry vixen resides as High Priestess for the infamous cult, “The Servants of Darkness”. Rebeka is an Empath, and harbors a dark secret that can change the landscape in the war between good and evil!

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